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P90X2 X2 Core Preview

As I move through the list of workout previews, the next one I wanted to show was X2 Core from the new P90X2X2 Core is basically the new Core Synergistics workout.  If you have done P90X you will be very familiar with Core Synergistics during your “Recovery” week.  Little did we all know that Core Synergistics is one of the toughest workouts in the series and X2 Core won’t disappoint either.  The point of X2 Core is to get your body ready for some of the balance moves in the program.  You will hit every muscle group, just like in core synergistics, but this time you will be using it in even more efficient ways.   As you will see from the video, there are some plank moves, some push push and some other crazy exercises that will leave your core completely worked.

I was able to try this workout during rehearsals two times and I found that the first time I did it I had to go light on the weight so  I could learn the move but the second time through I was able to concentrate more on weight and on my form and I got one hell of a workout.  Check out the video of Tony Horton and the P90X2 cast of X2 Core doing there best to keep up.


So what did you just see?  The first move shown is a core move that looks like it is suppose to work your obliques only…but that is only half true.  By putting your leg up toward the ceiling you will fill it from your shoulder all the way down to your leg.  It’s a killer.  It may look easy but doing those for a few min is very tough.  The next move is showing a fellow coach on our team, Barbie Decker, doing an awesome plank move.  This move is great for your full core.  You have to brace everything in order to bring that leg to your elbow.  By moving it from one elbow to the other you will literally feel every part of your abs burn.  Plank moves are great for working every aspect of your core and abs.  The last move shows Tony Horton doing his Tony thing.  He is doing push ups on a medicine ball.  But this time the idea is to do it for speed.  You can see that he barely touches the ball and then explodes back up as soon as he touches the ground.  This get’s your heart rate way up…who needs cardio when you can do this?

P90X2 is going to be groundbreaking.  X2 Core is one of those workouts that will find your weak points and make them better.  It will work every aspect of your core just like Core Synergistics from P90X.  The added moves will also help with strength, flexibility and endurance.  Get ready for this one.  P90X2 is coming this fall (around Thanksgiving time) and will be on pre-order in August.  Be sure to check back to hear it first or join our team to receive my weekly newsletters talking about P90X2 and other upcoming fitness programs.

Are you ready for P90X2 X2 Core?  Does this look as hard as Core Synergistics from P90X to you?  Let us know!