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P90X2 X2 Yoga Preview

Good old Yoga…I know it’s your favorite workout from P90X right? I know that some of you are saying no while others might agree. Whether you hate it or love it, or both ;), you can’t deny that Yoga is an essential part of P90X. P90X2 wouldn’t be a sequel to P90X if it didn’t have Yoga. So Tony Horton and crew decided to listen to the feedback they got from P90X Yoga X and take that improve it to make the new P90X2: X2 Yoga.

The question I get all the time is “do I have to do the Yoga workout.” I always answer YES, but I know why you all ask. First, P90X Yoga is long, 90 mins to be exact. That’s a long time to make for your day, especially for a workout that is meant to be done slowly. Second, it is sometime completely different that what we are used to doing. People generally hate to do things they aren’t good at. I felt this way when I first tried P90X but as I got better I grew to love it. In P90X2 that will be no more! X2 Yoga is now about 60 mins. Much better right? As you will see Tony explain from the video below, P90X2 X2 Yoga will be a more condensed and focuses Yoga routine. It will also have a modifier so you can start easy and work your way up. Watch to clip to see the differences.

As you can see Tony talks about how X2 Yoga is going to be more “constant flow” yoga. No more standing balance moves, no more long warm up. X2 Yoga is meant to get you in and out as quickly as possible with the best results. I think 60 mins is perfect. I also thing that this workout will feel a lot shorter due to the fact that things will flow a lot more smoothly. Yoga X was broken into 3 or 4 distinctive sections which made the workout feel longer. X2 Yoga will be the “best of the best” moves from Yoga.

I didn’t have the opportunity to try X2 Yoga but I am excited to see it when P90X2 finally comes out this fall. From what I have heard Tony say, this will be a much more well received workout than the past P90X version. Tony truly listened to everyone’s feedback when he created this routine with his Yoga buddies. I was happy to see that Crane pose made the cut. That move is always fun to do once your able to get good enough at it to do it. It’s an especially fun move to show your friends what Yoga is all about. P90X2 X2 Yoga will be apart of the schedule but I am not sure how it will fit in. It may be a weekly thing like in P90X or it may be more of a recovery deal. I would guess the former.

Does P90X2 X2 Yoga look and sound like a better version of Yoga X to you? Do you enjoy Yoga or dread it?