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RevAbs Review

RevAbs Workout Program

RevAbs is an innovative new home workout program from Trainer Brett Hoebel that combines cardio and strength training with a unique form of ab work. It’s specifically designed to burn off the fat and give you a six-pack in just 90 days.
With Trainer Brett Hoebel and RevAbs, you work the abdominal muscles from six different angles for a smaller waist and toned midsection. Added interval-training techniques burn fat at the highest rate possible.

My RevAbs Review

RevAbs came out last summer with a new trainer, Brett Hoebel, to the Beachbody community.  I have been doing Beachbody programs for the past year and have yet to try one that I didn’t like.  P90X, Insanity and One on One with Tony Horton are my favorites, but I was pleased to be able to add a new program to my fitness library.  As Tony Horton says “Variety is the spice of Fitness”.

What I came to find out was that RevAbs is a great program in its own right.  The focus of RevAbs is of course….Abs.  But that is not to say that you will be doing crunches and sit-ups the whole time.  RevAbs takes interval cardio, strength and core training, and combines them so that you can burn body fat while sculpting every part of your core.  It has become wide knowledge that strength training, combined with intense cardio is the best way to reveal your abs, not crunches.  RevAbs takes this equation and delivers.  For instance, Rev of your Abs dvd is a cardio based ab routine that burns calories and leaves your abs sore for days.

Brett Hoebel includes lots of  moves based on the martial art of  Capoeira.  It’s a Brazilian dance style martial art that is actually very fun to do.  Boy does it crush your core as well.  There are 9 workouts included in the 90 day program.  It also comes with a nutrition guide to help you reveal your abs as well as a Calendar, Fat Caliper, a “On the Road” guide, and a bonus Cardio Dvd.  If you tired of being out of shape and looking to get a 6 pack then RevAbs could be the program for you.

Why is it effective?
With creator Brett Hoebel’s Abcentrics method, you do full-body cardio and strength training in addition to ab work, but you “fire” your abs during every movement. That means you’re toning and tightening your abs the whole time. You get faster and more balanced results than you could from crunches alone, or from any “ab machine” on the market.
RevAbs includes plenty of strength training and cardio intervals to boost your metabolism and scorch calories. You define your abs and get rid of fat to reveal a great-looking midsection.

How does Abcentrics work?
Abcentrics teaches you a simple yet powerful breathing technique that allows you to “fire” your abs during every movement. You’re strengthening your abs even while doing total-body exercises, so every workout is an ab workout.
If you want a smaller waist and flat, well-defined abs, you need to develop your entire midsection. That’s why RevAbs works your abdominals from six directions: 1. Upper flexion; 2. Lower flexion; 3. Double flexion; 4. Side flexion; 5. Twist; 6. Extension. With this 360-degree approach, you can work every angle to achieve balanced core strength and incredible-looking abs.

Our Price: $79.90



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