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Cardio in P90X2

If you haven’t heard by now, P90X2 is coming this December but there will be one thing missing when you get the program…Cardio!  That’s right, there is not going to be a Cardio X2 or Kenpo X2 in P90X2.  Before you get disappointed, let me first say that there is a method to the madness.  There are already great cardio programs out there like TurboFire and Insanity in the Beachbody catalog of fitness programs, so all you cardio junkies can still get your fix.  Tony decided to do things a little differently this time.  Since P90X2 is such a sports/performance oriented (PAP for example) Tony and team decided to make the routines faster paced and more total body so your not just working to get your heart rate up…your working to perform.  This makes your heart rate sky rocket and you get the most of out interval training.

I found out first had.  I have done many of these routines while getting ready for P90X2. I also saw first hand how interval training works wonders with strength, performance and endurance.  These P90X2 workouts are combinations of resistance training and interval training that works a lot like HIIT training.  Having these bursts of effort followed by a quick rest allows you to push yourself further than just stead state cardio.

Check out this video below of Tony Horton talking about cardio isn’t included in P90X2 and why it isn’t necessarily needed.


It might not make perfect sense to you yet but the minute you try P90X2 you will get it.  These workouts are tough and they will completely transform your workout performance.  Since I was getting ready for P90X2, I have gotten stronger, more agile and preform better with functional workouts than I did before.  Last week I broke 4 or 5 personal records at the beach workout.  The other great part for you all cardio junkies is that P90X2 is only a 5 day program so that means you can always add a cardio into the 6th day.

Do you like the fact there isn’t any cardio in the 14 workouts with P90X2?  Are you planning on adding some cardio routines into the program or do pure P90X2?



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