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P90X2 PAP Upper and Lower Preview

P90X2 P.A.P. Upper and Lower are two of the workouts that make P90X2 different than P90X. As Carl Daikeler said “P90X2 will be the most scientifically advanced workouts on the market.” P.A.P. or Post Activation Potentiation is the reason for this. As you will see in the video below, Dr. Marcus Elliot and the folks at P3 in Santa Barbara, jumped on board of P90X because they had so many athletes who had gone through the program already. Tony Horton even got to go up the the P3 facility and test out PAP for himself before putting it into the program, as the video below shows. Dr. Marcus Elliot explains how PAP is the “hottest thing doing in sports science today.” Pretty exciting right?

Check out the full video for all the exclusive details that we coaches got to see. It is a great video to watch all the way through, and make sure you watch the actual footage of the video at the 1:54 mark.


Like I said in previous posts, I had the privilege to test out both PAP Lower and PAP Upper during rehearsals. I was actually first cast in PAP Lower and had planned on doing that up until a couple weeks before the actual shoot. Let me tell you that PAP is no joke. As you can see from the clips it combines strength moves with explosive moves, both vertically and laterally so that you can get the more performance out of the given exercise. I got to see the results first hand. As I moved through the complexes, I felt myself jumping higher each time…it was pretty cool. The balance strength move that you see in the video takes some practice but boy does it work wonders. Your balance and strength goes way up after a few sessions of these.

In the PAP Upper section, you can see fellow coach and pal Wayne Wyatt (aka Mr. Team Ripped) struggling during these exercises. Believe it or not, by putting your leg up on a chair or bench can take a hard move and turn it into a muscle burner. The great part about PAP upper is it hits your whole entire upper body. The video also shows a dumbbell row that you do in plank with a push up in between. If you think your core in strong, try this one. The explosive move shown is a double clap push up…which you can’t really tell from the video but Tony Horton is definitely doing double claps. P90X2 is taking it to the next level. The move that really got me though was the one that looks the simplest. Doing a superman while holding a light bar may look easy but after 60 secs it is a beast of a move. A weakness of mine is my back/shoulder flexibility. That is what I love about P90X2 though, it finds your weaknesses and then corrects them, then makes them better.

P.A.P. is the next level of sports performance, and you will be able to try it during P90X2. Get ready!!

Does P.A.P. Upper and Lower look difficult or easy to you?  Do you think P90X2 will take your fitness to the next level based on what you have seen?




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