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One on One: 4 Legs Review

P90x2 pre-orders will receive 2 extra workouts that you can put into your P90X2 schedule.  One is One on One: 4 Legs is one of these workouts.  I wanted to give everyone and idea of what they can expect from this workout and why it will be a good addition to your P90X2 schedule.  And besides, who wouldn’t want 2 free workouts?


What Type of Workout Is One on One: 4 Legs?

Not to state the obvious, but One on One: 4 Legs is a leg workout…with a twist.  Instead of the more traditional leg exercises that you are used in with P90X: Legs/Back, you are doing all new moves.  There is One major difference, you do them all on One leg.  So there is a huge instability factor involved while doing these exercises.  Because of this, you will not need any weight.  This workout is weight free.  All you use is your body weight.  It doesn’t sound tough but it definitely is.  Having to balance on One Leg for all of these moves takes focus and concentration.  It also takes a lot of good balance.  These types of exercises trigger more stabilizer muscle fibers to trigger, which in turn makes you pretty damn tired.

What is the Length and How many Exercises?

The workout runs around 53 mins I believe.  This includes both a warm up and a cool down, which you definitely shouldn’t skip.  There are 10 exercises in all but since they take so much focus and balance, you do them slowly.  There are moves like single leg squats, and half moon lunges.  Both become extremely difficult toward the end.  Tony Horton does a great job at telling you how many reps you need to do and if what he says isn’t enough, all you have to do is add another 5 reps and I can guarantee that you will feel it.


My Impressions

This workout was tough, but in a different way.  I was able to get through the whole thing and worked up a good sweat.  It isn’t your typical Tony Horton leg routine.  It takes focus in order to balance during each exercise.  The better form you use, the more deliberate your movements are, the harder the workout is.  I found myself doing an extra 5 reps on a couple of the exercises for some extra burn, so I recommend doing the same thing.  I also recommend not getting ahead of Tony.  If you rush these exercises you won’t get much out of them.   The point of this routine is to work on your balance and core strength, not to power through each move as quickly as possible.  Oh and for every time you have to touch the ground, you have to do 1 push up.  I had to do over 40 when I finished…have fun with that ;).

Overall I liked this workout a lot and I am kinda bummed that I haven’t included it into my routine until now.  It is great for a change of pace or if you want something that works your Legs a little more. See the Video below for a preview.


If you want to buy One on One: 4 Legs you can do so by CLICKING HERE.  Or you can Pre-Order P90X2 by reading my “How To Pre-Order P90X2” Post. 


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