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How To Pre-Order P90X2

P90X2 pre-orders are right around the corner.  Starting September 1st, you will be able to pre-order P90X2 through a Team Beachbody Coach, like myself.  P90X2 is going to be ground breaking.  This program combines the latest in sports science with the intensity we have come to love with P90X.  If your looking to Run Faster, Jump Higher, and be in top physical shape then this program will be for you.  If you want to get P90X2 before the beginning of the year, when it is released then you MUST pre-order.  They are already projecting to sell out before they ship so make sure you act!  This post will ensure you have all the information you need to make Per-Ordering P90X2 as easy as possible.






How Do I Pre-Order P90X2 On September 1st?


1.  Make sure you have a Team Beachbody Coach. You can sign up for ME As Your Coach HERE. This will sign you up for a Free Team Beachbody account.  You will be able to have ME, A P90X2 Cast Member of Chest/Back + Balance and V-Sculpt, as your Coach.

Or Click ON this Like:  PRE-ORDER P90X2 HERE!!

2.  Go to and make sure you Log In.

3.  Follow the Links to Pre-Order P90X2 (see picture above). I will update this section when The P90X2 Pre-Order site goes live with a Direct Link to make it easy.

Simple right?  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


What Do I Receive For Pre-Ordering Through A Coach?

There are several benefits of having a Team Beachbody Coach and Joining My Team.

1.  Pre-orders will get FREE Shipping and Handling. This is huge!  This offer is only for pre-orders only.  If your planning on Ordering the Deluxe or Ultimate packages then you will save a lot of money.

2.  Pre-orders will get P90X2 First and delivery by December 25th 2011, Guaranteed.
3.  Ordering from a Coach will let you receive Two FREE DVD workouts that can be easily worked in to your P90X2 program:

4.  Those who Pre-Order will be put into a database to be Eligible for WEEKLY Prizes, which include: T-Shirts, Gear, P90X2 apparel, Workouts, and a Grand Prize of Having P90X2 Delivered to your house by the man himself, Tony Horton.

5.  Those who Pre-Order will get a Chance to be in the first P90X2 Infomercial. When you receive P90X2 you will be shown how to track and submit your results so you can be featured in the P90X2 infomercial when it is aired.  Pretty sweet uh?


What Are The P90X2 Kits Offered At Pre-Orders?

There will be 3 different P90X2 kits offered.  There will also be the “Advanced DVDS” which include V-Sculpt and X2 Chest/Shoulders/Triceps.

P90X2 Base Kit: Fitness guide,Nutrition guide, Calendar, 12 workouts, 1 Bring It Again dvd, 

DVD:  $119.95

Blu-Ray: $149.85





Deluxe Kit: Fitness guide, Nutrition guide, Calendar, 12 workouts, 1 Bring It Again dvd, 2 8lb Med Balls, Balance Ball, Foam Roller, ALL 14 Workouts (V-Sculpt and X2 Chest/Shoulders/Tris)

DVD:  $239.85

Blu-Ray: $299.85




Ultimate Kit: Fitness guide, Nutrition guide, Calendar, 12 workouts, 1 Bring It Again dvd, 2 8lb Med Balls, Balance Ball,Extreme Foam Roller, ALL 14 Workouts (V-Sculpt and X2 Chest/Shoulders/Tris), Power Stands

DVD:  $299.85

Blu-Ray: $359.85




ADVANCED Workouts: This Includes the 2 extra Workouts that come with the Deluxe and Ultimate Kits. V-Sculpt (a Back/Bicep Workout that I am in, it’s a killer workout) and X2 Chest Shoulders Tris.

DVD:  $59.90

Blu-Ray: $64.90




Q:  What about One on One Vol 3 Subscribers 50% off?

A: 50% off is applicable to the Base Kit Price, as well as the Base Kit Portion of the total price of the Deluxe and Ultimate Kits (See Pricing Summer Pic Below)


Q:  When will we get Billed for P90X2 Pre-Orders

A: You won’t get billed till P90X2 Ships in December.

Q:  Can I change weight of the Medicine Balls?

A: As of Right now the answer is no, but this might change.  From my experience with P90X2 rehearsals, you won’t necessarily need anything lighter/heavier. 

Q:  How Can I Get the 2 Extra P90X2 Workouts, V-Sculpt and X2 Chest Shoulders Tris, without having to buy Deluxe or Ultimate Kits?

A: See Above!  If you already have the equipment and don’t want to buy extra great to get the full 14 P90X2 workouts, then you will be able to purchase it separately through the “Advanced Workout” Package for $59.90 DVDs or $65.90 Blu-Ray.

Q. I subscribed to P90X® ONE on ONE Volume 3. How do I place my order?

A. Starting September 1st, you can call customer service at 1 (800) 470-7870. Tell the service representative that you purchased ONE on ONE Volume 3 and you’ll be given further details.


This should answer all of your P90X2 Pre-Order questions but if it didn’t then please feel free to comment and ask me.  I should be able to answer any additional questions you have.

CLICK HERE To be Coached by a P90X2 Cast Member for Free



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