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Upper Body Balance Review

The second free workout that you will receive if you pre-order P90X2 is One on One: Upper Body Balance.  This is one that I have been doing for quite some time now, and I absolutely love it.  It is a great one to do on a misc day when you want to hit up your upper body and core in a different way.  I use it as a good mix between P90X Chest and Back and the stuff that is coming out in P90X2.  I can completely understand why they would add this one into the mix to give away for free because it is a great workout that gets you ready for P90X2 Chest/Back and Balance.


What Type of Workout Is One on One: Upper Body Balance?

Upper Body Balance is a Chest and Ab routine…mostly.  I say “mostly” because the chest moves involve instability that work more than just your chest.  Your shoulders, Triceps and even lats help to stabilize you as you do these moves.  Allowing for a great upper body workout.  In between each Chest move there is an ab move.  So not only are you hitting your core during the chest move by doing push ups on medicine balls for example, but you are also hitting up your abs.


What is the Length and How many Exercises?

This is roughly a 52 min workout.  There is a good amount of warm up and cool down as well.  There are 16 exercises listed at the beginning but in typical Tony Horton fashion, he adds a bonus round if you are so inclined.  The greatest part about this workout is watching Tony struggle.  But if you can keep up with him then you still ahead of the game.


My Impressions/Review

This is a fun workout.  It’s a great introduction to the instability exercises that you are going to do in P90X2.  Tony does a great job at explaining how to do each one of these moves.  Whether its the “impossible” push up, 4 medicine ball push ups, swimmers push ups, etc.  He shows you how you can use basket balls and even a foot ball to do these.  When you sandwich that in with the ab routines this workout is definitely worth doing.  Like I said above, I liked to incorporate into my misc day (Saturdays) instead of Chest X 2.0 when I was doing P90X Chest/Back that week.

Tony is also in full form in this one…there are ball jokes thrown around all over the place.  This is actually one of the workouts I recommend to those trying to find some more chest routines after they complete P90X.  I can see this one being thrown into the schedule during the foundation phase, especially since it’s only a 5 day schedule.  Can you tell I like this workout?  If your used to doing push ups in P90X then this will add a whole new element.  This truly gets you ready for P90X2.


If you want to buy One on One: 4 Legs you can do so by CLICKING HERE.  Or you can Pre-Order P90X2 by reading my “How To Pre-Order P90X2” Post.



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