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P90X2 Balance and Power Preview

P90X2 is adding a whole new element to its workout arsenal, core strength.  Having great core strength will allow you to have better balance, be able to preform more efficiently and also give you more power.  P90X2 Balance and Power will do just that.  It focuses on form, balance, core stability, which allows you to add more power.  This workout is a brand new workout to the P90X brand.  There is nothing like it before it previously.

As you will see from the video below, Balance and Power also adds some new equipment to the mix.  Just like Plyocide and Chest/Back and Balance, you will be making these exercises more difficult by adding instability.  The balance ball (the big blue one) is very good at creating just enough instability so that you have to stabilize your core while you are doing these exercises.  This allows you to build a stronger more firm core while working the other muscle groups you are targeting.  Think of it like “2 birds with 1 stone”.

I was able to do this workout as well during rehearsals and this one was pretty eye opening.  There are moves in this that make you feel like you haven’t ever worked out before.  Just that simple addition and making your core work in order to keep you stable makes these moves so much more effective it’s ridiculous. Check out the video below and listen to Tony Horton and Carl Daikeler talk about P90X2 Balance and Power.



As you can see from the video, you will be doing tricep exercises on the balance ball, which look easy but are NOT.  You will be doing rows, but this time you will be doing them while in a plank position.  There are chaturangas where you pull you knees to your chest and presses that you have to do while balancing on a balance ball.  Look like fun yet?  Let me tell you, they were a blast to do.  Here comes P90X2 Balance and Power…watch out!


Does P90X2 Balance and Power look as much fun to you as it does to me?  Do you think these moves are P90X worthy?



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