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Insanity Asylum Day 3 + 4 Review

All I can say is wow…these first 4 days have felt like a week already.  I have been impressed with the level of variety that the Insanity Asylum workouts have had.  Each workout brings something different to the table.  I was a little afraid that they would all feel too similar but I am pleasantly surprised by everyone one of the Asylum workouts so far.  Back to Core is a perfect example.  This Insanity Asylum workouts main goals is to strengthen your abs by working everything but you abs.  Your core strength comes from more than just the front so Back to Core targets the part of of the body that most of us neglect when it comes to core routines…your back!  Targeting your middle and lower back definitely makes a difference.  I really struggled with this workout because it is a weakness of mine.  This workout was nothing like I have done before.  This is a challenging workout that will help to make you less prone to injury and make your posture better.  You get to use the strength band for the first time, which I really liked.  The light resistance helped a ton when focusing on that part of my core.  If you don’t believe me then check out the pic of Shaun T…looks like it’s working for him.

Vertical Plyo comes on day 4 of Insanity Asylum and for me this one was the “mother of all the workouts”.  The best way I can describe it is that it is a beast.  Once again you use the agility latter…letting you jump for height and distance, while at the same time making sure your landing with precision and coordination.  Something that athletes will find very familiar.   There are a couple of “oh my god, really?” moments during this workout.  If you used to Power Jumps from Insanity then get ready because in Asylum you do Power Jump with strength bands attached to Legs.  If you have done Plyo Push ups from P90X then come prepared because your doing Plyo Push ups with bands on your legs and arms in Asylum.  This workout gave me the biggest burn and the highest heart rate that I have experience so far with Insanity Asylum.  If you can get through Vertical Plyo all the way without stopping and with good form them you are in peak shape. So far so good!  Can’t wait for Game day!

Here are my day 3 and day 4 Insanity Asylum Videos, Let me know what you think!


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